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The best humidifier essential oils to transform your home

Humidifiers can be helpful in adding moisture to your air at home or in combating the symptoms or colds, flus or allergies when they come knocking. Adding essential oils to your humidifier is a great way to bring essential oils into your daily life and transform your home. But which are the best essential oils to use with a humidifier?

Complete Guide To Geranium Essential Oil

From its wonderful floral scent to its moisturizing benefits, geraniums have been used as early as ancient Egyptians times. The oil is known to have balancing, calming and uplifting properties. 

Complete Guide to Eucalyptus Essential Oil

You’d probably recognize the smell of eucalyptus anywhere. Its fresh, clean scent is used in everything from perfumes to mouthwash and cleaning products. But there’s so much more to eucalyptus than just a great smell. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best ways to use eucalyptus oil. We’ll also offer advice so that you can use this oil safely and effectively and make the most of all it has to offer.

Complete Guide To Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is popular the world over due to its many benefits. These include boosting energy, cough, cold and flu support, killing germs, skin care, reducing itching, reducing nausea and vomiting, relieving headaches or migraines and helping to combat muscle pain and spasms. Many people also rely on peppermint oil for hair growth as it stimulates the scalp and boosts blood flow.

Complete Guide to Rosemary Water

Do you want to reduce hair loss the natural way? Then you need rosemary water.Hailed as the new rice water, rosemary water is gentle, effective and incredibly good for your hair. It mitigates hair loss and stimulates growth with every use. Not only can you make this product at home using rosemary essential oil or rosemary leaves, but it’s also safe for all hair types too.

Complete Guide to Spearmint Essential Oil

Fresh and crisp smelling, spearmint essential oil boasts an extensive range of benefits that far exceed its fantastic scent. It has been used since the times of the Ancient Greeks for digestive issues, skin problems, headaches, nausea and vomiting. Many people rely on spearmint essential oil for congestion too.

Complete Guide to Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Many people are aware of ylang ylang essential oil’s spiritual and love-inspiring benefits. But did you know that this floral essential oil actually offers quite a broad array of other benefits too?

Tips & Recipes

Footbath with essential oils

Taking a foot bath at the end of a long day has become one of my simple, yet most important rituals. It is something I do at home, in hotels and with hot water in the wilderness.

6 recipes for essential oils you will love

There are countless recipes for essential oil blends. Here we have collected the 6 best recipes for aroma diffusers.

Oil mixture recipe: Retreat

We have designed this recipe to smell like a resort spa.

Essential Oil Mixture: Stress down

When the workday is over, toast to successes, no matter the size of a spicy aroma diffuser cocktail. We call it stress down.

A towel freshener that smells like sea breeze

A natural spray is a nice way to keep your towels smelling fresh.

A natural hair oil

Essential oils of frankincense, bergamot and amber provide a wonderful base for the scent of your hair.

Aromatherapy at work

A secret productivity hack is to use aromatherapy at work. Essential oils can boost your energy and reduce stress, enhance your mood, and increase your focus.

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