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Stop the Throb! Can essential oils halt a headache?

More people globally complain about headaches than any other medical affliction. Yet despite them being so common, the treatment options are much the same. They’re filled with chemicals and often come with nasty side effects - and they don’t always offer much relief…

The ‘love yourself’ essentials everyone needs

Self care. It’s a whole lot more than a trend or a buzzword. It’s something we should all be doing, but it's something that we often neglect or forget.

Unwrapping the goods: 9 health & wellness gifts everyone wants

Ditch the crystals that gather dust, journals that you forget to write in, or stuffed animals that double up as heat packs. This year, giving wellness gifts is all about giving people what they really want.

Tips & Recipes

Itsetehty luonnollinen hiusöljy

Tee itse helppo ja ihastuttavan tuoksuinen hiusöljy frankinsensin, bergamotin ja meripihkan eteerisistä öljyistä. Lue ohje alta.

Itsetehty tekstiilinraikastin

Tämä ympäristöystävällinen suihke on helppo ja mukava tapa pitää pyyhkeet hyväntuoksuisina pesujen välissä.

Ohje eteeristen öljyjen sekoitukselle: Stress down

Kun pitkä työviikko on viimein päätöksessään, kohota malja pienille onnistumisille tämän hyväntuoksuisen sekoituksen kera. Kutsumme sitä osuvasti nimellä 'Stress down'.


Interview - Jade Shutes

Whether you’re coping with pain, need a mental and emotional boost or simply want to enhance your health and well-being, everyone can benefit from the power of aromatics.

Interview - Dr Daniel Pénoël

Dr Pénoël is a French man on a mission. For the last 50 years, he’s been fighting for the recognition of aromatherapy in the medical world. He may have a traditional Doctorate, but he believes that there are so many alternative ways that we can heal ourselves - and essential oils are one of them.

Interview - Suzanne Banks

Aromatherapist and perfumer Suzanne Banks believes that essential oils are a gift that can simplify our lives and enhance our day-to-day experiences. She’s put this idea into practice and created a range of innovative oil-based perfumes that are unique, vegan and free of harmful chemicals and synthetics.

Haluatko tietää, kuinka eteeriset öljyt voivat parantaa elämänlaatuasi?


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